Welcome to Ballpoint Paintball! We’re located in central Linköping, close to the university and city center, 1 km from the closest bus stop.

  • Multiple fields for varied game play
  • Modern and diverse equipment, all equipment fresh and laundered.
  • High tech solutions and innovative game play, with a unique electronic flag system to heighten competitive game play

Paintball for all occasions

When the odds are against you
A chance to meet outside work and resolve old conflicts
Gear event and for the younger
Play with local enthusiasts
15 or more? Then we can set up a tournament
Play somewhere else
Tactical play at it's best

What's new?

School special

Check the school’s out specials:



You can now use your “friskvårdsbidrag” to play Paintball as of 2020. 

Find us

Our facilities are located centrally in Linköping. 1km from the bus stop Djurgården or Djurgården Centrum, 2.5km from the university.

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/GatNe