Basic 68 cal

Uncomplicated semi-automatic paintball gun with gravity mag. Aim, shoot.

Tippmann FT-12

Upgrade 68 cal

Better and a bit more expensive. The cyclone  magazine feeds the ball from the side, and the lower profile makes you harder to hit.

Tippmann A5

Low impact 50 cal

With a smaller and slower projectile getting hit does not sting as much. Fun for all ages and groups. Additional bonus: lower cost per paintball.

Tippmann FT-50

Mid impact 60 cal

Still the smaller 50 cal paintball, but going faster than any other while being cheaper.

Tippmann FT-50

Mag Fed 68 cal

Magazine fed markers with ultimate precision and optical red dot sight. Each magazine has a capacity of 20 rounds, and you carry a total of 4 in your battle vest.

Planet Eclipse MG100