Paintball packages

Pick a package, book a time, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our nice instructors will take care of you with equipment and game setup on all our fields. 

Included in all our packages: Paintball gun, protective mask, coverall, gloves. All prices and ball count are per participant. Book 20 or more for 20kr per-participant discount.

Paintball starter

1.5h, 200 balls (400 autumn break campaign!!!)

Student: 290kr
Adult: 340kr

Paintball medium

2h, 700 balls (1400 autumn break campaign!!!), BFC-system, riot shields

Student: 430kr
Adult: 480kr
Infinite paint: +100kr

Paintball large

3h, 1200 balls (2400 autumn break campaign!!!), BFC-system, riot shields och ett couple of full auto guns

Students: 570kr
Adults: 620kr
Infinite paint: +100kr

Additions and upgrades

500 balls: 150kr
500 balls (low impact): 100kr
Gun upgrade: TMC / A5: +25kr
Electrical full auto gun: +50kr (not possible to combine with free paintballs)