Paintball packages

Pick a package, book a time, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our nice instructors will take care of you with equipment and game setup on all our fields. 

Included in all our packages: Paintball gun, protective mask, coverall, gloves. All prices and ball count are per participant.

Paintball 2h

220 paintballs, 2 hours

  • Student, youth: 310kr
  • Adult: 360kr

Paintball 3h

720 paintballs, 3 hours

  • Student & youth: 460kr
  • Adult: 510kr

Additions and upgrades

  • +500 balls: 160kr
  • +500 balls (low impact): 110kr
  • Unlimited paintballs: +270kr
  • Gun upgrade:  A5/EMEK: +30kr

Birthday / Stag- / Hen party?

It’s your special day, but the circumstances make you a bit… unsafe? We’ll even the odds and take you from victim to perpetrator by upgrading your equipment to anything from the arsenal. Maybe something quick shooting with large magazine? 

We can also offer a choice of fashionable rabbit suites if so desired. 

Mention that you’re celebrating someone when you’re booking and we’ll take it from there.


Do you want to play a more tactical game where every shot counts? We can now offer magazine fed (=magfed) paintball with the markets sharpest rifle, the Planet Eclipse EMF100. Each magazine is loaded with 20 paintballs!

With imaged we always use top quality paintballs to further increase precision. Each kit comes with an EMF100, red dot sight, battle vest and 4 20-ball magazines.

  • Magfed 2 hours – 560kr
  • Magfed 3 hours – 710kr

Call or mail us to book