Game types

General: If you take a direct hit on you or your equipment you are out. Reach up with one hand, call out “hit” loud and clear. What happens after depends on the rules of the specific game, either you leave the field or you go back to the base and revive. If you’re unsure if you were hit, look for a paint splat.

Here are a few popular game types we usually run. If you have a your own ideas we’ll be happy to help.

Team Deathmatch

Shoot the other team, if you’re hit you’re out. Works on all of our field.

Base Assault

One team defends a base, the other team attacks. If you’re hit while defending, you’re out. If you’re hit while attacking, you respawn and attack again. We’ll time the game, change sides, and go again. 


All players except two defend a base. When a defender gets hit, they change to the attacking “zombie” side. If the defenders last for X minutes they win.

Battlefield Control System

Our internally developed system to enable advanced gameplay. The sensors consist of turnflags and bump targets. Each team has a screen that’ll show current assignments, score and status.

BFC Assault

Each team has 2-3 bump targets to defend. Shoot the other teams targets before they shoot yours. If you get hit, respawn at base.

BFC Domination

Fight over control over three flags. Each flag is worth a point per second. When hit, respawn at base. After a set time (typically 6 minutes), the game is finished and we compare score.

BFC Line Assault

One team defends 1-3 groups of shooting targets. Attackers have infinite respawns, defenders have one spawn per group.