Terms and conditions


  • Ballpoint Paintball is only open for reservations, so all games need to be booked, preferably in good time
  • Primarily book in the booking system, but you can also book over the phone, or mail.
  • Your reservation is for when we start the security walkthrough, so be there ~15 minutes early to gear up.
  • Cancel no later than two days before
  • Participants under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult, or have the waiver signed. Under the age of 14, an adult needs to be there for the duration of the stay
  • Inform us if you will arrive late
  • We don’t need to know if you’re missing or adding a couple of players, as long as you stick to the minimum for your paintball package


  • Onsite using cash, card or Swish
  • If possible, we appreciate if you can coordinate payments to a single person 
  • Invoice only after agreement



  • Participants shall in addition to the written conditions also follow any instructions given by our staff
  • Breaking the rules and conditions may result in expulsion from the site, no money back
  • You participate in the game at your own risk, and Ballpoint Paintball is not responsible for any sustained injury

Protective goggles

  • Paintball goggles shall be properly worn on the playing field
  • The goggles may only be taken of outside the playing field. Repeated offenses against this rule may result in expulsion, payment not withheld
  • Should any person reside on the playing fields without a mask, the game must immediately be aborted

Paintball gun

  • The paintball gun may not be fired before instructions and briefing by our staff, and only on the playing fields in accordance with instructions given by our staff
  • The paintball gun may not be aimed at a person not wearing goggles
  • Barrel sock shall be worn on the paintball gun  whenever outside the playing field


  • Plants and trees on the site may not be damaged
  • No shooting any animals
  • Treat other players with respect. All forms of bodily contact is prohibited
  • Treat rented equipment properly, and use it only for it’s intended purposes. You are liable for damage caused intentionally or through recklessnes.