Questions & Answers

What should we wear?

We supply camouflage coveralls. Wear exercise clothes under. We do not recommend hoodies and warm clothing to avoid the goggles fogging up.

We have no shoes to lend. It may be a bit muddy here and there. Any paint is water soluble. 

How many do we need to be?

  • Paintball packages: 6
  • Kids party: 8
  • Tournament: 16
  • Walkon: 1
You can book with fewer participants if you pay for the minimum count. 

How many can we be?

Our fields are optimized for groups of 14-20 players.  With larger groups, we’ll usually split up and play on several fields in parallel. 

We have enough paintball equipment to keep more than 100 players active simultaneously. 

In tournament play, we can serve hundreds.

How old do you have to be?

We recommend from 8 years with Low Impact, and from 12 years with regular 68 cal. 

For participant under 16 we recommend an adult to be present. If that’s not possible you need to bring a signed copy of our waiver.

Can we use your barbeque?

Yeah. Bring your own wood/coal.

Can we sit down and eat somewhere?

We have four of these tables under rain cover.

Does paintball hurt?

Only if you get shot. That said, getting hit can sting, but it’s not dangerous. A bruise at worst.

If you don’t want to risk pain, we recommend our Low Impact Paintball.

Is there water?

For drinking, yes. Not for showering.

Got a toilet?


Opening hours?

You can always call us, but all games need to be booked in advance.