Uncomplicated semi-automatic paintball gun with gravity mag. Aim, shoot.

Tippmann FT-12


Better and a bit more expensive. The cyclone  magazine feeds the ball from the side, and the lower profile makes you harder to hit.

Tippmann A5

Electrical Full-Auto

When you really want a high rate of fire. Battery operated trigger and magazine ensures  up to 13 balls per second.

Tippmann X7


The model we use to put flashlights on in night games.

Tippmann TMC

Low impact

With a smaller and slower projectile getting hit does not sting as much. Fun for all ages and groups. Additional bonus: lower cost per paintball.

Tippmann FT-50

Mag Fed

Magazine fed markers with ultimate precision and optical red dot sight. Each magazine has a capacity of 20 rounds, and you carry a total of 4 in your battle vest. Coming in april!

Planet Eclipse MG100