Tippmann FT-12

Our base marker. Semi-auto with gravity mag.

Tippmann TMC

Magfed marker for a tactical game. Each magazine takes 20 balls, and you have 4 with magpockets included. With this marker you can upgrade to an unlimited ammo package.

Tippmann A5

Upgrade semi-automatic marker for up to 8 balls per second. The cyclone mag guarantees that a ball is properly fed each time you pull the trigger.

Tippmann X7 Phenom/ BT TM15 – fullauto

Upgrade fullauto marker. 15 balls per second. Adding one of these per team as a heavy gunner role seriously changes the battlefield dynamics. auto_phenoms

Tippmann FT-50

50 caliber semiauto for our younger participants.

Protective gear


Mandatory, fog resistant. We have several different models to suite all shapes. Contact lenses recommended, but glasses will fit in the mask.masks

Cam Coverall

Washed after every game. Sizes from XS to 4XL.