Our first field, 50x35m. Quick games and good visibility for audience. On this field, the goal is simply to shoot all opponents. If you’re hit, you’re out and will have to wait for the next game for revenge.


New field for 2018. We’ve configured it for attack/defend for now.

Wood ctf


Tactical capture the flag field, 100x45m. Suitable for up 20 concurrent players. If you’re hit on this field, you return to your base for instant respawn. We have a few different games.

  • Capture the Flag: Collect one or many flags and bringĀ  to your base.
  • Domination: Timed game. Control the three electrical control points to collect points.
  • Assault: Each team has two control points to defend against enemy fire. First to hit both enemy points win.
  • Linear Assault: One team defends two lines of flags, one attacks. The defending team has one respawn to use for defending the rear flag line, the attacking team has infinite respawns.


Another wood field for Linear Assault games.


Big wooden field

If you are many, you can try the big wooden field. 100x100m of advanced terrain. If you want to play here, we need to plan ahead a bit.

Borrow the fields?

Sure, when we’re not using them. Give us a call to check when that is.