Ballpoint Paintball


Add 100kr to the medium or large package and get unlimited paint!

Coming up

Next walkon game is sunday 2019-11-10 12:00-16:00, details here.


Ballpoint Paintball is Link√∂pings closest paintball field. We’re commited to paintball on all levels. We offer:

  • Central location, close to the university and the city center
  • Multiple fields for a varied gameplay
  • Modern, varied and working equipment. Anything that’s not 100% is immediately replaced
  • Convenient and efficient paintball. No long walks or delays, parking is just next to the field
  • High tech solutions, with a unique electronic flag system to heighten competitive gameplay
  • Low price on paintballs
  • Always newly washed protective gear

Looking for a conveniently packaged event for the company, birthday, stag/hen- or kids party? We also specialize in efficient tournament play.

Want to rent equipment for playing offsite? We’ve got all you need.

Got it all, just need air, paintballs and a place to play? We’ve got you covered.

New for 2018: Illiminated speedball field


Want to track active games in the electronic game system, that’s done here.