Sweden vs Finland 2019

For the 5th consecutive year, Ghost Batallion and Ballpoint Paintball are proud to invite you to the annual Sweden vs Finland MFOG Paintball Battle, this time conveniently located at Räddningsskolan at Rosersberg/Stockholm.

The main event is ~20 hours of paintball, running saturday morning -> sunday morning, but we have the field booked sunday and will continue playing.


Sweden failed as a state in the early 2020:s. In a postapocalyptic Sweden, fractions fight over control of the forested wasteland. Local warlords terrorize the shipping lanes on the baltic sea.

Following the execution of one too many hostaged ship crews, an expeditionary force under Finnish command  heads for Stockholm. The orders are to establish a coastal base, free any hostages and eliminate any opposition.

Red team (Sweden)

Since Sweden is now in chaos, any clothing goes. We expect everything from cannibals to foreign mercenary forces to make up the swedish team.

Blue team (Finland)

A professional army. Look the part.


In this game, we will make heavy use of the BP Battlefield System “BFC”. Networked turnflags, shot sensitive targets and a smartphone based client system.  Active missions and enemy intel will be available on a smartphone interface for all players.

To keep a 4-hour game flowing and objectives clear, there will be multiple active missions at the same time. There will have three types of objectives:

Permanent objectives
Spawn points can be captured to improve reinforcement logistics. Controlling listening posts will reveal details about enemy objectives.

Main story
The main mission thread will unlock missions depending on outcome of previous missions.

Independent missions
When suitable, independent missions may be injected to stir things up.


This is a Magfed Only Paintball scenario game. Pump markers may be used if military-looking.

Radio is recommended. If you have a protected (or cheap) phone, that will also be useful for the BFC system.

Shield only in select scenarios, and then only in combination with pistol.
Box rotors are considered support weapons. Special restrictions and rules will apply, details to follow.
In the afternoon game, First Strikes may be restricted to the sniper role.


Breakfast (saturday?) and all-day-coffee included in ticket price.

Lunch saturday (pasta salad), 50 SEK with drink
Dinner saturday (chili con carne), 50 SEK with drink

Paint & grenades

You’re allowed to bring your own. We also have on sale:

  • Enola Gaye WP40 wirepull smoke grenades, different colors: 5 for 200SEK
  • 250 First Strike rounds: 1 for 900:-, 2 for 1700:-, 3 for 2500:-
  • Paintballs; Pick any from wizeguy.se or hypersports.se, we’ll get them for you onsite at store price.
  • We’ll also have Meteor (aka Valken Grafitti) paintballs for SEK400/box.


Shower and toilets on site. There is a big construction tent on site that should keep rain out if you want to sleep outside.


This will be updated as we plan.

08.30  Check in & breakfast
09.30  The games begin
12.30  Lunch
13.30  Afternoon continuous game
18.00  Dinner
19.00  Evening games

10.00+ More paintball


Tickets are 500 SEK. Sign up here:

Don’t forget to pay! Credit cards here:
or if you prefer, by Swish to 1235399597 (Eterbrus AB).